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What is involved in the consultation

During your consultation your practitioner will ask your medical history to establish if you are suitable for treatment, they will also ask questions with regards to your hopes and expectations from treatment.

What are the benefits of pelleve

25-50% significant reduction and smoothing of facial wrinkles and sagging skin, no anaesthesia, no downtime, immediate results Q/ does pelleve hurt A/ this is a comfortable treatment where you will experience some heat to the area being treated but it has been said to feel like a warm massage.

What if I can't make my appointment

If you are unable to make your appointment we ask that you kindly let us know 24 hours prior to treatment where possible so that we are able to offer your slot to someone else. If you are unable to give this much notice and we are unable to fill your slot then we regrettably have a £20 cancellation fee for each half hour booked.

Can I park near by

There is on street parking and nearby parking at Morrisons or up Little Mount Sion at our high street location and parking is available at our Mount Ephraim clinic in located within Purity Bridge

What is ultrasonic slimming

This is a pain free treatment for fat and cellulite where the ultrasound targets the fat cells and the lymphatic massage helps to disperse the toxins treated by the ultrasound.

Will I get immediate results from the ultrasonic slimming treatment

You can expect anything from 2cm to 2 inches from your first treatment, this should be followed by healthy eating and exercise where possible

How many slimming treatments should I have

We advise buying in courses of 10 treatments and possible subsequent courses depending on personal expectations and goals

Does VPL laser hair removal mean that my hair will never grow back

Any hairs follicles treated during your course of treatments will never grow back, a course of treatments is required as hair goes through difficult cycles of growth and can only be treated at a particular time in this cycle

What so good about lycon waxing in comparison to other wax's

Lycon wax is the worlds leading wax brand for many reasons, it can treat hair up to 1mm, lower temperature means it is much more comfortable,it does not stick to the skin but shrink wraps around the hair, it pulls from the root (dermal-papilla) preventing breakage, in growing hairs, redness and bruising.

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