About us

Co founders Estelle Waye & Andrew Miller welcome you to Tunbridge Wells Aesthetics.

Over the last 18 months since we first launched we have helped thousands of people get started using our products.

Theres something interesting and different about our products.

One of the biggest frustrations I know we certainly had in the beginning and people in general was the amount of products that were out there in the market place just to buy and not what they could actually do for you. Leaving people confused, overwhelmed and ultimately disappointed.

Well what we have done is put a lot of thought into our products and what they can actually do for someone and how they can make a significant difference in there lives..

We know what works and what doesn’t, We’ve eliminated the things that quite frankly don’t work to ensure your riding on the wave that does.

Turns out it wasn’t such an easy task even from someone in the industry and truth is it was actually quite difficult.

What we actually struggled with as a consumer and wanted to change were the things that made the biggest difference in our business when we first started out and which allowed us to start making money .And as it turned out this is what everyone wanted.

A place that can give you clear information and free advise 24/7. with friendly and real people you can trust who are just there for you .Guaranteeing you results and offering you exponentially more value than anywhere else in the market place.

Well the cool thing is our idea actually worked . Its always a great thing when a plan comes to fruition.Where we have now become one of the most popular and sought after beauty destinations out there.That was big deal for a lot of people

We’ve simplified the whole process and we’ve taken the Beauty industry by storm.

We’ve created the most advanced and up to date products available plus the very latest high tech and industry leading edge technologies, treatments and information that have helped people who have been looking for answers and solutions for along time.

All with one goal in mind. YOU!

To help you bridge the gap between your desire and success and to make 2014 your best year ever .